About Chantell


Chantell Renee is an Urban Fantasy writer catering to the New Adult genre.

She has been writing short stories and poetry since she fell in love with the subject at the young age of twelve. The idea that she could ever write a novel seemed unbelievable, but she has fallen in love with words. What made them so fascinating was the way words created whole worlds; how words inspire physical and emotional experiences for readers and listeners.

“There would be mornings I’d spend an hour writing down my dreams for story ideas. I’d be late to work happily because I was so excited about the idea.”

While many writers focus on the beauty of language, Chantell Renee puts an emphasis on how words can toy with a reader’s mind by disrupting sanctioned concepts of “norm” in everyday lives.

Throughout Chantell’s life, she has witnessed and survived many wonders and challenges that ultimately privileged her with what most have noted as a unique look at the world.

Over the past five years Chantell Renee became determined to not let this dream slip through her fingers and got involved in as many local writers groups as her schedule would allow. She was met with support, positive influence, and education through workshops. Here she also connected with other writers, many of which are published, and they offered her both advice and inspiration! This has equipped Chantell with the tools she needed to share with the world her distinctive point of view through vivid and engaging stories. Many ideas are literally born in dreams and Chantell expands those worlds impressively. This is how Effa On Fire came into existence. If you were to pick through Chantell Renee’s current projects, you would find: shape shifters, futuristic concepts of our world and a very tough, punk rock chick. The characters in these adventures are full of life and exciting adventures, unless they are meant to be eaten by Ghouls.

Chantell Renee is a native Texan, born and raised in Houston, where she currently resides. Her muses are Rugby (the beagle) and her two fussy cats, Ella and Ovo, who often try to add their own text while she’s working. (Thanks for not mentioning me sister! LOL – Yeah Sister’s doing the site.)

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